Comprised of a trio of natural elements – soapstone, glass and cork, the Stenkall Brun cooler combines the functions of tasting and cooling spirits by revealing, at the desired temperature, subtle aromas and perfumes that you would never have imagined possible.

The glass, with its expert shape and proportions, designed by Sofia Bergman, confines the aromas, offering to sensitive noses a unique olfactory taste experience. With its rounded shape, this hand-blown glass made in the Skruf Glass Factory in Sweden, sits perfectly in your hand.

In the hollow of the Täljsten stone, in the space of a few minutes, your drink reaches the perfect temperature for enjoyment.

Place the glass on the table and by simply rolling it, even out the temperature and admire the colours reflected by your drink. Now bring the glass to your nose, smell… then to your mouth. Enjoy!

The maximum amount of spirit enabling you to roll the glass without spillage is 4 cl, which corresponds to the volume of the bottom part of the glass.  The glass can hold a total of 25 cl.


Place the Täljsten Stenkall Brun cooler in the freezer at least 2 hours before use.

Take the Täljsten Stenkall Brun cooler out of the freezer and place the glass inside it.

Pour in 4 cl of spirit, which is the volume of the bottom part of the glass.

Wait 2 to 5 minutes.

By rolling your glass on the table, observe your drink and even out its temperature.

Bring the glass to your nose. Smell, and then savour the taste.

Place the glass in the cork base or in the cooler depending on whether you want to increase or maintain the temperature of your drink.

Courbes de température - Stenkall Brun

Temperature chart – Stenkall Brun

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Advice for use

Leave your Täljsten Stenkall Brun cooler permanently in the freezer. Like this, you can use it at any time.The Täljsten Stenkall Brun cooler is dishwasher-friendly.

It is not advisable to wash the glass in the dishwasher.

Heated up for 3 minutes in the microwave at 750 W, the Täljsten stone will keep your Irish Coffees or other spirit-based drinks warm.


 I found my “natural” partner several thousand kilometres from my place of extraction in Sweden: cork from Portugal.

A thermal insulator, the cork base makes me complete. Exactly like me, he gets shaped and knows how to take on the most surprising forms.

Partnered together today, we offer a way to cool and enjoy your spirits 100% naturally.