Thanks to the Täljsten Stenkall Vit cooler, enjoy fruit brandies and liqueurs iced without ice and make the taste last.  The Täljsten Stenkall Vit cooler brings brandies and liqueurs to a temperature of between 6° and 8°, perfect for reviving and exuding all their aromas.

The Täljsten Stenkall Vit cooler comes individually packed with a hand-blown Swedish glass and two cork mats.


Place the Täljsten Stenkall Vit cooler without its glass into the freezer two hours before use.  Take the Täljsten Stenkall Vit cooler out of the freezer and place it on its cork mat.  Place the glass inside the Täljsten Stenkall Vit cooler. Pour your brandy into the bowl of the glass (2cl). Rotate the glass carefully in the Täljsten Stenkall Vit cooler. As soon as a ring of condensation covers the sides of the glass, leave it to stand for 2 to 3 minutes. Enjoy! The glass can be kept upright by placing it on its cork mat.

Leave your Täljsten Stenkall Vit cooler permanently in the freezer. Like this, you can use it at any time. The Täljsten Stenkall Vit cooler is dishwasher-friendly.

To find out more

The Täljsten’s Stenkall Vit cooler can cool up to 3cl of brandy or liqueur to a serving temperature of under 8°C.  In order to do this, leave the glass in the cooler for a few minutes more.

The serving temperatures obtained by the Täljsten Stenkall Vit cooler – 6 to 8°C – correspond to a room temperature of 20°C. You should expect a reduction of 12 to 14°C compared to room temperature depending on the volume of brandy (2 to 3cl) and the time spent in the cooler (3 to 8 minutes).


« My name « soapstone » comes from the Latin « ollare », meaning « to make earthenware ».

For thousands of years, I have allowed myself to be shaped and polished by human hands; thanks to my unique thermal qualities, I keep food and drinks hot or cold …

Today, enjoy your brandies and liqueurs cooled to perfection and become part of this wonderful story! »