FAQ – Stenkall Brun

Why a spirits cooler ?

To enjoy a spirit, it must be served at the right temperature called « serving temperature » or at the temperature that suits you. The serving temperature ot the spirits varies from 8 to 18 °C depending on the type of spirit. A spirits cooler will chill your spirit to the temperature you want.

Examples :

Whisky 14 to 18 °C or 18 to 22 °C depending on the type of whisky

Porto 12 to 18°C depending on age

Grappa 9 to 13 °C young and 17 °C aged

Why Stenkall Brun ?

You can’t always have all of your spirits bottles at the right temperature. Stenkall Brun solves this problem and allows you to enjoy your favorite spirits between 8 ° C and 18 ° C at any time without putting bottles in a refrigerated cabinet or in the fridge.

Stenkall Brun avoids the use of ice cubes and therefore the dilution of water in your spirits.

Stenkall Brun is not just a cooler but above all a tool for tasting spirits.

Cooling, how does it work?

The glass placed in the stone taken out of the freezer (-25 °C) cools the spirits poured into its bottom part (4 cl). The longer the glass is in the cooler, the lower the temperature.

Three-step tasting, how does it work?

. visual – by rolling the glass, you observe the robe, color and reflections of your spirit, you can thus characterize it (aging, degree of alcohol, mouthfeel)

. olfactory – by bringing the glass to your nose, you discover the aromatic palette of your spirit

. taste – thanks to a enough sufficient narrow rim, you can easily grab all the flavors on your palate in small sips

Is the cooling uniform?

At the bottom of the glass, you can reach 6 to 8 ° C after a few minutes although the surface temperature is 10 to 12 ° C. The cooling is therefore not uniform. Rolling the glass on the table helps to even out the temperature of the spirit.

Why use a cooler if you like to drink your spirit at room temperature?

Your spirits, especially in summer, experience high temperatures, 25 to 30 ° C . When the spirit is too warm, the taste of the alcohol is much more apparent, and it overpowers more subtle flavours. The Stenkall Brun cooler finds its use also here. In a few minutes, your spirit will reach the desired temperature of 18 to 20 ° C.

Why this shape of glass?

The lower part receiving the spirits and intended for cooling is surmounted by a large volume whose functions induced by its shape are:

Offer a good catch in hand and a perfect sized rim, neither too wide nor too narrow

Allow the glass to be rolled on the table without spilling out (4 cl)

Provide sufficient volume and height of exhalation to release the aromas

Concentrate the aromas thanks to the gradual narrowing of the glass section

What is the cooling performance of Stenkall Brun?

The curves below show the cooling characteristics of the spirits cooler as a function of the time after rolling the glass for 3 cl and 4 cl of spirits. The initial temperature of the spirit is 20 ° C.

What are the volumes to be cooled?

3 to 4 cl max corresponding to the lower part of the glass

What is the total capacity of the glass?

25 cl

What are the dimensions of the glass?

Mini section: 4.3 cm

Max Section: 7.8 cm

Total height: 10 cm

What are the dimensions of the stone?

Square section 6 cm x 6 cm

Height 6.6 cm

Where and how is the Stenkall Brun cooler made?

The stone is handcrafted on the island of Öland (Sweden) from blocks of natural soapstone already extracted in Jämtland (Sweden). The glass is hand-blown by the Skruf glassworks in Småland (Sweden). The corks are made in Portugal and obtained either by molding or by traditional manufacturing from natural cork oak.